“She feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS.”



--Henry James





Look and See

Look and See is the first book in the Acts of Valar series. It's about a barista and a history buff who meet and fall in love. The End.


Except, before it ends, some other stuff happens first. The pair receive leather bracelets with a cryptic note from Valar, a mysterious otherworldly being, and with little to no training, they find themselves thrown into a battle for control of their city. Equipped with the ability to see some truly weird stuff, they embark upon an adventure in which they must learn how to interpret and use their new vision skills. They find there is more to themselves, the enemy, and their city than meets the eye.


(If that isn't enough, there's also coffee.) Read an excerpt here.


Look and See is published by eGenCo. Extraordinary Things, the next book in the series, is currently in the works.

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